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Disclosure / Terms and Conditions of sale


Company name:
Dominican Excursions-D&V, S.R.L

Calle Esmeralda No.5-C del sectors las piedras, 
22000 La Romana 
Dominican Republic

Dominican Chamber of Commerce: 7320LR

RNC: 1-32-37909-8


RUT: AV-TOER-1201-02860


Tel: +1 849 636 4308 ©all rights reserved.

Director of publication:
Dominican Excursions-D&V, S.R.L
Calle Esmeralda No.5-C del sectors las piedras
22000 La Romana, RD
Tel: +1 849 636 43 08

Hosting company:
Identification - Wix - Inc. -
Address: 500 Terry A François Blvd San Francisco, CA 94158 -
Phone: +1 415-639-9034


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Dominican Excursions-D&V, S.R.L

Dominican Chamber of Commerce: 7320RL 

RNC: 1-32-37909-8 / RUT: AV-TOER-1201-02860

Calle Esmeralda No.5-C, Del sectors las Piedras,
La Romana RD.


All persons who have purchased public and/or private tours are subject to the General Conditions of Sale written in this document. The sales conditions are visible on the website By booking several public and/or private excursions, customer accepts the Terms and Conditions for the whole group (adults and kids). Responsibility of Dominican Excursions-D&V, S.R.L does not extend beyond the present GTC.


Article n°1 : Prices 

The prices indicated include VAT, all taxes are included. Fares may be modified in case of tax and fuel price modifications. 

To take advantage of the reduced price for children, proof will be systematically requested (children up to 12 years old).


Article n°2: Reservations 

All reservations can be made via the Dominican Attitude website, by phone or whatsapp at +1 849 636 4308. 

A deposit of 20% must be paid by the customer during booking. It is also possible to pay the total amount of the tours in several installments without any fees. Otherwise balance must be paid on the day of the excursion in cash only.


Article n°3 : Refunds and exchanges

Excursions are not refundable except in case of force majeure (involuntary cancellation of the trip, serious illness, bad weather) and upon presentation of a receipt. 

Excursions can be modified up to 48 hours before the day of the excursion and within the limits of availability. 

If a cancellation is due to bad weather and sea conditions or due to a technical problem, you will get a full and immediate refund. If you prefer to postpone the excursion, we commit to provide all the availabilities during your stay.


Article n°4 : Departure of the excursion

The participants must be on time to the appointment which details will be provided beforehand, during the reservation.  

DOMINICAN ATTITUDE reserves the right to refuse any person arriving late and no refund will be possible. It is mandatory for customers to respect the dates and times of the appointment. Otherwise, the excursion will not be feasible and no refund will be possible. Children under 3 must be registered at the time of booking in order to manage the filling of our excursions. Any additional person, not registered beforehand on the excursion, is likely not to be able to participate. 

Pets are not accepted. 


Article n°5: Sea excursions

The itinerary and the duration of the excursion can be modified at any time by the captain or the guide, according to the weather conditions, technical problems or any other reason.

Article n°6: Safety 

The captain is authorized to refuse boarding to a passenger likely to disturb the safety and the good progress of the sea trip. By purchasing excursions, customer agrees to respect the equipment and to follow the safety rules on board. Any child under 18 years must be accompanied by at least one adult. It is strictly forbidden to run on board.


Article n°7: Our excursions that are not ''MADE IN DOMINICAN ATTITUDE

All our excursions ''MADE IN'' are specified in our descriptions of excursions.
If ''MADE IN'' is not mentioned, this excursion is the one of a provider chosen by our care. 

All our providers have their tourist permits and insurance and ensure the smooth running of their tours. 

In case of an accident, the service provider will take care of you.


Article n°8 : Handicap and pregnancy

Pregnant women and people with disabilities requiring or not special arrangements, must specify their condition when booking.

Unfortunately, they will not be able to embark on all our boats, as the accessibility of some of them is not appropriate: boarding and moving on board can be complicated. 


Article n°9 : Allergies

People suffering allergies must inform us during the reservation in order to provide a specific meal. If the person has not specified his condition beforehand, we cannot guarantee an adequate meal.


Article n°10 : Damages 

In case of a damage caused to the equipment, to the facilities or to another passenger, only the person in question will be responsible and will have to make a refund and participate to the damages claimed by DOMINICAN ATTITUDE.

DOMINICAN ATTITUDE is not responsible for thefts or losses of objects, jewels or money due to bad sea or weather conditions nor in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.

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