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Boat rental
for a private tour to Saona Island

Do you want to organize a very special day?

You don't have a specific idea and would like a helping hand?

Why not a private tour to Saona Island? Here is what we offer:

A private tour to Saona island : the perfect birthday party!

Do you want to surprise a dear person on the occasion of his birthday? What better idea than to offer him/her a private trip to  Saona Island? We promise to provide the cake!

A wedding on a dream beach at Saona Island

We suggest you rent a catamaran for the day. We will take care of all the details of the excursion, you just have to find the lucky one!

Renewal of vows in the Dominican Republic

Do you want to show him/her your love is as strong as on the first day? Let's go! Contact us for a personalized proposal.

Incentive group, your sales team to Saona Island

Do you need an original idea to motivate your salespeople?

We have the boats, the sun, the Caribbean Sea and a great team to set the mood. Don't wait any longer and contact us!

Business gift idea

Want to thank your best customer and need a very special idea? Invite him and his family to spend a day on a catamaran, he will no doubt remember you!

Private tours in the Dominican Republic:
Dominican Attitude

Our wide choice of boats allows us to adapt to your needs as well as the size of your group.

Regardless of the number of participants, age, physical ability.
We have boats and itineraries suitable for all types of groups.

Also we guarantee fun and safety to participants from 0 to 80 years old and more.

We are therefore, without a doubt, your best option when it comes to privatizing a boat!


Our boats for a private excursion
to Saona or Catalina Island

37 fee motorized boat

37 feet
motorized boat

$995 USD


This motorized boat is our most versatile option. With a maximum capacity of 35 people, we suggest chartering it to go to the southernmost part of Saona, to Catalina or simply to the Natural Pool.

62 feet
motorized boat

$1295 USD

This is the most convivial of the list. With a maximum capacity of 40 people, you can privatize it to go to the Saona Island, Catalina or simply to the Natural Pool. With a lot of space in the front to enjoy the sun and a comfortable toilet, it is perfect for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays.

62 feet motorized boat
59 feet motorized catamaran

59 feet
motorized catamaran

$1395 USD

Here is a 2-story motorized catamaran that can accommodate a group up to 55 people. Equipped with a toilet, a bar and a space to enjoy the sun at the front, it is a very comfortable boat for an excursion with friends or family.

66 feet motorized catamaran

66 feet 
motorized catamaran

$1395 USD

This boat is our most elegant engine catamaran. Of a maximum capacity of 50 people, we suggest renting it to go one of the well equipped beach of Saona Island or for a party at the Natural Pool.

65 feet motorized catamaran