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What to do during a stopover at the La Romana cruise port in the Dominican Republic?

Updated: Apr 29

You have decided to go on a cruise in the Caribbean, and you are stopping off at the port of La Romana? A stopover at the port of La Romana during a cruise offers various options for activities and of discoveries. Whether you come with a Mein Schiff, Arvia P&O, Costa Pacifica, Carnival, Aida, you should continue reading this article because we are going to provide you with a lot of very useful tips. You will discover:

Which organizations offer excursions from the La Romana cruise port?

Book an excursion with your cruise line

It is entirely possible to book excursions directly with the cruise lines, However, these activities are often full several days or even weeks in advance. If you wait until you're on the boat to think about it, there probably won't be any room left.

Book an excursion with a local agency

If you are looking for more authentic and smaller group activities, we recommend you strongly opt for one local tour agency. These generally offer cheaper activities, with fewer participants and visiting larger locations. authentic.

Of course, you will need to ensure that your stopover times correspond to the proposed activity. You will therefore need to find out about the times of the chosen excursion as well as the pick-up.

Use the services of La Romana port taxi drivers

The taxi kiosk is located . You can call one of them to get you to town, or to Bayahibe, a small fishing village, starting point for excursions to Saona and Catalina Island.

It is probably with one of these that your transport if you booked your excursion with a local agency.

They also organize shared transportation to Bayahibe public beach. The cost is $15 per person and your driver will tell you the exact location and meeting time for the return.

Ideas for activities to do from the La Romana cruise port and to organize yourself

Visit of Altos de Chavon:

Altos de Chavón is a unique cultural village. Located right next to La Romana, cruise ship passengers stopping at the port can easily organize a trip there.A faithful reproduction of a 16th century Italian/Spanish village, its cobbled streets and coral stone and terracotta buildings evoke the Renaissance of Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci.

Built in 1976 by Roberto Copa and Charles Bludhorn, Altos de Chavón has become the Artists' Village, a major cultural reference in the Dominican Republic. Craft workshops, art galleries and artist studios make Altos de Chavón a place of artistic convergence. Students from all over the world come to study design, fashion or ceramics, even exhibiting their creations at the Parsons School in New York.

To get there, simply take a taxi from the port of La Romana and ask it to take you to Altos de Chavon. It is important to point out that entry to Altos de Chavon costs $25.USD per person.

Shopping at Jumbo la Romana supermarket:

From the port of La Romana you can very easily get to the Jumbo La Romana supermarket. Aside from all the items in a normal supermarket, you will also find clothes, cigars, jewelry and even souvenirs.This can also be an opportunity to sit down to eat a pizza, an ice cream or to drink a coffee.

Here too, you can use the services of a taxi from the port or you can also plan to go there on foot. From the exit of the cruise port, it is a 15-minute walk and this will allow you to see local life.

Local market near the central square of La Romana:

You can plan a visit to , located in the city center. There you will find souvenirs, handicrafts, typical musical instruments etc.To get there on foot, it's a 30-minute walk from the port. A taxi from the cruise port can also take you there and wait for you.

Spend a day at Bayahibe public beach:

Once at the port of La Romana, you can go to the taxi kiosk to request a driver for Bayahibe public beach. The sea is crystal clear, there are also several nice little restaurants where you can discover Dominican food.

Why not fresh fish, with plantains?

The 3 excursions departing from the cruise port of La Romana not to be missed

If you like snorkeling, consider an excursion to Catalina Island to discover the most beautiful seabed in the region. It will also be a very good opportunity to enjoy this magnificent wild island, its beach and the Caribbean Sea.

It is recommended that you book this excursion with an organization that offers excursions specifically designed for cruise ship passengers to match times and also to ensure you are back at the ship on schedule.

Saona Island is the most booked excursion, whether by tourists staying in hotels or by cruise ship passengers stopping in the Dominican Republic. Its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters make it an ideal place to enjoy dreamlike landscapes, worthy of an advertising video.

If possible, we recommend traveling to the south of the island to visit the magnificent fishing village called Mano Juan as well as the virgin beach of Canto de la Playa where you can enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful beach.

A visit to the interior of the Dominican Republic is also an opportunity to discover sumptuous landscapes. If you love nature and would rather spend a day in exotic and green nature, we strongly recommend that you opt for a buggy outing.Just a few kilometers from the port of La Romana, the Chavon river and its surroundings are an ideal place for a truly exotic buggy trip.We recommend that you book your activity well in advance as agencies are often full several days in advance.

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