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Discover the different ways of transport in the Dominican Republic

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

When planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, it's important to be aware of the transportation options available to make getting around the country easier. Whether you want to explore heavenly beaches, visit historical sites or experience the vibrant nightlife, here are some of the main means of transport to consider during your stay.

1. Taxis: easy transportation in the Dominican Republic

Taxis are readily available in all towns and resorts across the country. They offer a convenient solution for moving quickly from place to place. Always make sure to use official taxis with working meters or negotiate the fare before departure.

2. Public buses: the most economical for long distances

The public bus network is well developed in the Dominican Republic, connecting different regions of the country at affordable fares. Buses can be a great way to travel between major cities and explore the country's interior while enjoying the scenic scenery.

The 2 most popular bus routes linking the main towns are Caribe Tours and Metro.

In Punta Cana, you can use the services of Expresso Bavaro.

If you need more information about the transport options in Punta Cana, read the following article: Transport in Punta Cana

3. Motoconchos: the most economical for short distances

If you're looking for a more local and adventurous experience, try the motoconchos - motorcycle taxis that are very popular in the Dominican Republic. They offer unparalleled flexibility to navigate heavy traffic and reach your destination quickly.

4. Car rental: for the more adventurous

For those who prefer more independence and autonomy during their stay, car rental is a convenient option. Many rental agencies offer a wide range of vehicles to suit all budgets, allowing you to explore the country at your own pace.

Book your car rental in Punta Cana or elsewhere in the Dominican Republic.

5. Private transfers: the right choice for the most worried

If you prefer a more comfortable and personalized means of transport, opt for private transfers. Whether from the airport or between different destinations, private transfer services offer you convenience and peace of mind throughout your journey.

For your private transfers in the Dominican Republic, contact Transtour.

Additional tips:

  • Always be sure to negotiate fares before using taxis or motoconchos.

  • Check public bus timetables in advance and be prepared to wait a little longer sometimes.

  • If you're driving in the Dominican Republic, keep in mind that driving can be chaotic in some urban areas, so be alert and obey the rules of the road.

In conclusion, the Dominican Republic offers various means of transport to meet the needs of travelers. Choose the one that best suits your personal preferences and fully enjoy the beautiful scenery that this tropical destination has to offer!

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